Want to Have an Online Business Where Sales Feel Easy and You're Fully Booked Each Month?

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One that generates a predictable income, even when you're working only 3 days per week?



(and especially when those strategies leave you drained and constantly "busy") 


Sound good right?

If you're ready to create a business with sales and marketing strategies that consistently and predictably generate revenue without you constantly needing to do more, then watch this.. 


For Coaches, Service Providers and Product Based business who've already taken the leap, Ready to Be Fully Booked and Have a Predictable and Consistent Income Each Month

I see how hard you are working and I know it's because:


You dream of booking that flight for the holiday that you have been postponing for a while , but sales seem uncertain, leaving you anxious about when the next sale will come.

You crave having dream clients lined up consistently, waiting to work with you.

You want to open your social media and emails to find sales waiting for you, instead of endlessly chasing leads.

You long for the freedom to work from your favorite cafe or enjoy a sushi date with your partner because your business doesn't require your constant presence.

You want to not constantly worry about sales and you desire to be more present with your family instead because you know sales are consistent and predictable.

You want a strategy that is tailored and unique to you that you can easily repeat without feeling that you constantly begin from zero each month.


But to achieve all of this, you need a solid sales strategy and an easy-to-follow system that you can rely on month after month.

You need a system that:


Assists you in crafting a robust sales strategy for generating predictable and consistent income in your business, not just sporadically but every single day.


Draws in steady clients who are prepared to invest in your services at any price point you offer, eliminating the need for constant discounting.


Streamlines your marketing efforts and lead generation process, ensuring that each month you don't feel like you're starting from scratch.

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You know your business has huge potential.

You believe it can bring in consistent sales, whether it's $5,000, $10,000, or even $50,000 a month, allowing you to make a big impact with your work. You also know that sales don't have to be so tough—you're ready to have as many clients as you want, at prices you set, and you're eager to make it happen!


But right now, your sales and marketing efforts feel like they're falling short. You're constantly wondering when the next sale will come in, or if it'll come at all this month. It's hard to switch off from thinking about your business, even during your downtime.

You spend hours editing your content, changing your prices every couple of seconds, and wondering if that's why people aren't buying. Maybe you've even tried to grow your following or completely revamp your offer, but still, the sales aren't happening. It's tiring, and all the hard work you put in each day doesn't seem to be paying off.

And the good news is we can change that...


A step-by-step group program designed for coaches,  service providers and product based business who've already taken the leap but crave to scale to 6 and multi 6 figure without being 24/7 on. To help sell out your high-ticket offer, attracting dream clients consistently and making effortless sales on repeat. ( without the “worrying feeling” that you start from zero each month)


And the sooner you start, the more consistent your sales and online results will be.

I'm already in!

And this is why I created this program...


I know exactly how you feel because I've been there—beginning each month with uncertainty, constantly wondering if and when sales would come in. I tried all the strategies recommended by coaches, but nothing seemed to work. I ended up burning out and becoming bitter and uninspired in my business. That's when I realized I needed to change things and approach my marketing and sales differently. I worked on the energetics to feel safe receiving sales even when I am working only 3 days per week, I did integrate human design in my scalable business model to always feeling energized to deliver my offers and trust the price I was offering instead of constantly second-guessing everything.


For five years, I spent countless hours testing my sales strategies and system to find a way to have that predictability and consistency that business owners need. I no longer start from zero each month, and I have a system that consistently supports me in generating leads and sales in a way that is totally unique and easy for me to do it!

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The crucial work I did involved getting crystal clear on three things:


1) A scalable business model with offers that my client wants to buy constantly doesn’t matter if I am launching or not , ALL positioned as must have where I don’t  need to be involved all the time to deliver a great service to my clients. 


2) Creating a unique and effective sales strategy tailored to me so I could consistently attract dream clients and feel like I am not always pitching. 

3) A simple growth strategy system that consistently brings in leads and potential customers each month, requiring only 1 hour of work per week on my end.

Our clients results from joining TLA!

Meet Samantha , TLA member!
Meet Anna, TLA member!

The Investment



**Bonus: If you sign up in the next 10 days, you get a one-week intensive on Slack with me. I will completely revamp your content and marketing—quickly and effectively. I will transform your messaging so your sales explode.  This limited 7-day opportunity is valued at $1111, but it’s yours for free included in the Launch Academy offer. 


Best Value Plan

One time payment of




Flexible Plan

6 monthly payments of


Total: $10000


Extended Payment Plan

12 months payment of


Total: $10000










14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
We're confident in our program, but if it's not the right fit for you, no worries. You can request a refund within 14 days. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Here’s the 3 step framework we use in our business 

and with our clients to do exactly that:

Step One  

Craft a Tailored Business Model

Designed specifically for you—aligning perfectly with your human design and desires. This tailored approach allows you to scale your business with ease and intention, setting the foundation for consistent and predictable income each month.


Step Two

Develop a Growth Strategy

Together, we'll create a growth strategy that attracts aligned clients and generates consistent income, regardless of whether you're in launch mode or not. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of sporadic sales and hello to a steady stream of revenue that fuels your business growth.

Step Three

Finally we will Design a Repeatable Sales Strategy

Imagine never having to start from zero again. With our proven method, we'll design a repeatable sales strategy that brings in predictable income month after month. All tailored to you!

Through these 3 steps, you'll unlock the secret to achieving predictable and easy sales each month, effortlessly attracting dream clients into your world at any price point you decide. Gone are the days of constantly feeling like you're starting from zero each month—just like I was before.


Instead, you'll have a streamlined system that's not only repeatable but also grants you the freedom you've been craving. Imagine working just 3 days per week, knowing that your sales are consistent and that you have a clear roadmap of actions and strategies to follow for continued success. 

I'm Ready for Success



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Meet Your Team!

Sara Fiordi,

Business & Marketing Coach | Speaker and founder of the Entrepreneur Female  Academy

I am the visionary behind the Entrepreneur Female Academy, dedicated to empowering driven women in business to overcome overwhelm and achieve financial success. I guide women to activate their confidence, attract more clients, and ultimately make more money.

As a passionate speaker, my mission is to bring freedom, confidence, and success to women in business worldwide. Having personally experienced the challenges of starting a business from scratch, I understand the journey firsthand. That's why I created the Entrepreneur Female Academy—a supportive community where women can connect, share their challenges and achievements, and build their own path to success.

My first focus is on boosting your confidence because when you feel truly confident, you can effectively market yourself. With my expertise in online marketing, scalable business models, and high-ticket strategies, I can teach you how to exude confidence in every aspect of your business. Together, we will harness the power of marketing to amplify your reach and increase your profits, creating a business model that scales to six figures and beyond.

Anna Pozzato, 

Human Design Coach 

Anna is the human design coach of the tribe a true powerhouse!

She is the founder of the Human Design Flow and the wonderful women who will be taking you through your Bonus Human Design Reading!

She is an incredible addition to the team - she has the most calming, amazing energy and voice that you could listen to for the entire day, she will also help you learn more about your human design type, which has changed your entire life and your business! 

She is part of the Tribe and you can claim a 10% discount of your first reading with her when you join us. 

Without learning human design, you can't build the right business for you! 

Mikealy Vitale,

Coaching Support & Academy Assistant 

Meet Mikealy (Kealy) Vitale, our Coaching Support & Academy Assistant.

She is a qualified Life Coach and the founder of Kealy J Coaching, bringing a wealth of expertise to our team.

Kealy will host your hot seat coaching calls and is well training and passionate about supporting you on your business growth journey. She is also committed to answering community inquiries, to ensure that you always feel supported.

As an essential asset, Mikealy assists Sara with technical and design aspects, ensuring the smooth operation of our automation.

 Mikealy's qualifications and skills as a coach enable her to offer you outstanding support throughout your journey with us.


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