There is no 'quick fix' or 'magic pill' for building a successful business that is sustainable. 


By showing up as your authentic self online, you will attract a stream of aligned clients and become unstoppable.


It is 80% your mindset and 20% strategy and feel safe in YOUR BODY!  If your body doesn't feel safe to grow you will not expand. 



I want to share that I am just like you—a woman who made the decision to prioritize herself, her dreams, and work tirelessly for them. Today, my message to you is this: I have achieved my goals, and I firmly believe that you can do the same. It's all about making a conscious choice to pursue a better life, to stop merely dreaming and start taking action.

I, too, have experienced moments of insecurity, fear, and self-doubt. But despite these challenges, I persevered. I embraced change, learned from failures, and started anew. Now, I am here to offer my guidance and support, empowering you to create the life of your dreams. I know that deep within you, you possess everything necessary to succeed.

Together, let's embark on this journey and unlock your full potential. With my help, you can overcome any obstacles standing in your way and achieve the success and fulfilment you deserve.




I believe that growing a successful business is an ongoing and internal journey. Over the past four years, I have undergone a profound transformation through deep healing, a shift in mindset, and relentless hard work.

Business is more than just a means to make money; it's about embracing your true self. It's about making a daily commitment to your business and its mission, even during the most challenging times. It's about becoming a leader in your industry and inspiring others to do the same, so they choose your brand based on the values you represent.

This is why the academy exists. The academy is not  Sara; it is a collective effort aimed to change the entrepreneurial world. We strive to leave behind a lasting legacy that empowers future generations to pursue their dreams and happiness while building sustainable businesses without sacrificing their health and relationships. Our ultimate goal is to help them experience a greater sense of fulfilment.

Let's Connect


Anna Pozzato, 

Human Design Coach 

Anna is the human design coach of the tribe a true powerhouse!

She is the founder of the Human Design Flow.

She is an incredible addition to the team - she has the most calming, amazing energy and voice that you could listen to for the entire day, she will also help you learn more about your human design type, which has changed your entire life and your business! 

She is part of the Tribe and she will do your first reading when you join us. 

Without learning human design, you can't build the right business for you! 

Maisy Bouchey

Mikealy Vitale,

Coaching Support & Academy Assistant 

Meet Mikealy Vitale, our Coaching Support & Academy Assistant.

She is a qualified Life Coach and the founder of Kealy J Coaching, bringing a wealth of expertise to our team. As an essential asset, Mikealy assists Sara with technical and design aspects, ensuring the smooth operation of our automation.

She is also committed to answering community inquiries, providing dedicated support to ensure that you always feel supported.

Mikealy's qualifications and skills as a coach enable her to offer you outstanding support throughout your journey with us.

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